It’s been awhile since we updated the page, but I wanted to fill those in who care about some of the new things we’ve gotten recently. In the past few months we have gotten:

  • A brand new mixer with multiple inputs and outputs so we can have stereo mics because that was a big problem we’ve been having.
  • Two brand new microphones with cables to go with it
  • We have also changed the majority of our set up and how we interface with our music.

More upgrades will be coming soon, hopefully!



Discount Extension

During our discount, we got some business, so we are extending the discount! If you book between now (10/16/12) and Thanksgiving (11/22/12) before 11:59. You will receive a discount. Minimum of THREE hours. You must give at least 10 days notice. The more hours you book, the bigger the discount you get! Payment by Cash or Check receives a bigger discount than if you pay by Credit/Debit Card. Get booking! Email us for more information! Click Here to email us!

Want a Discount?!

Well, now is your chance. We are looking for business. So if you book within the next two weeks for a show before or on January 1st 2013, then you will get a discount. You must book AT LEAST 3 hours. The more hours you book, the bigger of a discount you receive. Also, if you pay by Cash or Check, you recieve a bigger discount than if you pay by credit or debit card (due to card processing fees). Email us at djprimetimeinc@gmail.com for more information! Get booking!

Voting has started!

Hey guys, Voting for the ASUS contest has started. It’s been going on for a few days, and last time I checked we were in first. The more votes we get, the higher our chances of winning are.

So click here (or use a proxy to keep voting)

If we win we will be so grateful to all of our fans that made us win! Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Business. Inspired by ASUS

Asus Business Technology Upgrade

Today I was on my personal Facebook, and I noticed Asus (A technology Company that makes some of the best computers and motherboards on the market) was having a Small Business Technology Upgrade Contest. It provides small Businesses a chance to win $15,000 worth of products from Asus, ranging from Laptops, Desktop Computers, Mother Boards, Graphics Cards, Monitors, Tablets and Projectors. All made by Asus. The point is to give small companies a chance to expand their business. So Since DJ Primetime Inc. is a small business, I decided to sign us up to try to win. As we are slowly growing, I felt we would need more technology, to keep up with the demand. All that is needed in order to win is for our loyal fans to vote for us as a company. As you can see from the page (link below) We are looking to get two different kinds of motherboards (Which we will use for hosting our future website) Zenbook Prime Ultra Book (Which will be used as our mixing stations at events) a Projector (Which will be used at events to show different slide shows or for other needs) and some Tablets (Which will be used for mixing and other surprises) So if you guys could all vote as much as they allow you (I’m not sure if it is daily voting or not) Also vote from Smartphones, iPod Touches, iPhones, and any other thing that can go on the internet! If we will this, we Will have a free party for EVERYONE as soon as we get the prize! Thanks guess!

Click Here to vote (as of now voting has not started)

DJ Primetime Inc is going International

While founder, Fabio Tracanna, was away in his home country of Italy, he was just having a good time at a local beach club, when the DJ for the evening called in sick. The Club was screwed. BUT thankfully Fabio overheard this, walked up to the management staff and told them about his job as a DJ. So DJ Primetime Inc was able to save the night! He got the club going wild! While expecting to go home empty handed, the management handed him 500 Euros. Thats $612. DJ Primetime Inc is going International!

50 Likes on Facebook

Hey Everyone!

Guess What?! That’s right. Our page on Facebook reached 50 likes today! This is a great step towards getting out there. Remember, tell all of your friends, families, and everyone you ever see about us. Every like means a lot! And maybe when we get bigger we might give the first 100 people to like our page (including the 50 that have already liked our page) a special gift, for free, just for being a fan! Again, thanks a lot everyone. And we will be posting more details about our gift sooner or later. so stay connected.

Until next time!

-DJ Primetime Inc.